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Jr Sprint Rules
(UPDATED 12/5/2023 FOR THE 2024 SEASON)
The JR Sprint STOCK Class is a weekly division at BHS

  1. Please review the track General Rules section.

  2. JR Sprint driver ages are from 7 years of age to 16 years of age.

  3. All safety equipment must meet track requirements (helmet, suit - must be at least 2 layers or 1 layer with Nomex under garments if running methanol, shoes, gloves, belts, etc.).

  4. Driver arm restraints are mandatory.

  5. Head and neck restraint system mandatory.  Neck collars are not permitted.

  6. 5-point racing harness and shoulder harness must be in good condition and approved racing type only. Cannot be older than 2 years.

  7. Full containment seat is required and must fit driver. Helmet must be at minimum 4" below cage. Must pass safety inspection as per track rules.

  8. Each driver must show they can exit their car under their own power before their first race (remove seatbelt, steering wheel and climb out of the car with all racing gear on).  *** Please make sure to practice this with your youth driver prior to attending their first test & tune or race.  We will hold a specific test & tune in April for youth drivers to practice exiting their cars, to review track procedures and inspect safety gear.




  1. Car must be a 270 or 600 micro chassis.

  2. All cars must be constructed to look like Micro Sprints. All cars must be equipped with complete body parts, hoods, tails, side panels, belly pans, etc. All cars must have legible numbers printed on both sides of the tail and nose.

  3. Roll cage minimum thickness 0.065" of (6) hookups. Must be well gusseted. Minimum 11/4" OD tubing. Complete frame 0.065" minimum 1" tubing may be used if wall thickness is at least 0.083".

   4. Halo is mandatory on all cars — NO EXCEPTIONS. Bolt on or weld on is acceptable.

   5. All steering and suspension points that are bolted together must use locking nuts, safety wire, or cotter pins. The   

      steering mechanism must be constructed of a minimum 'A" rods.

   6. The belly pan must extend from the front of the seat to a point beyond the driver's feet. 

   7. All cars must be equipped with nerf bars left and right extending to at least the inside of the tire, but not beyond the

       outside of the tire.

   8. All wet cell batteries mounted in the cockpit must be covered and vented out of the cock pit area.

   9. Brakes will be sufficient strength to slide the wheels in the pits or stop the car while in motion on the track.0

  10.Each car must have a workable fire extinguisher in the pit area.

  11. Minimum weight (car and driver) 500 pounds after the race. 

  12. Wheel base — 56" minimum and 72" maximum. Car width shall not exceed 60" overall sidewall to sidewall.

  13. No wings - JR Sprints at BHS are wingless.

  14. Raceceivers and transponders are mandatory. MyLaps transponders are to be placed 21 inches back from the center

        of the front axel on the right side.

  15. Starter switch must be in reach of driver.

  16. Chain guard or body must be constructed to prevent chain from hitting the driver in case of chain failure.

  17. Front and rear bumpers are mandatory.

  18. Hoosier or American Racer tires (BHS is an open tire track)


Engine — 9 hp Honda GX 270 Industrial — Model QAEZ, Honda part# 558400 with electric starter that is functional.


For motor seals please contact Alan Darby at 724-877-4682.

  1. Governor is not mandatory.

  2. Counterbalance shaft is mandatory.

  3. Air cleaner must be stock per O.E.M.

  4. Must run stock 9 hp Cam; lift and profile subject to degree wheel and dial indicator tech. No aftermarket reground cams permitted. Compression release must be functional.

  5. All valve train components must remain stock. No tech on valve lash adjustments but inspector must be present.

  6. Must run the stock 9 hp carburetor only; bores, jets, orifices, emulsion tube and other internal part diameters are subject to tech against a known 9 hp stock carburetor. There is an upgrade available for motors older than 2012 — if using the upgrade, you must notify Steve Allison.

  7. No lightening of flywheel.

  8. Combustion chamber subject to minimum volume cc tech. Multiple head gaskets may be used to meet minimum volume tech.

  9. Ignition timing must remain in stock location. Subject to degree wheel BTC tech.

  10. No porting, polishing, beveling or adding epoxy. Removal or addition of material in port area is not permitted.

  11. Stock bore and stroke only.

  12. Any component not mentioned is to remain O.E.M.

  13. Clutch is to be shoe style only. No plated type disc clutches.

  14. Pump gas only. No hot fuel or racing gas. Fuel subject to tech.

  15. Gravity fed fuel system or pulse style pump permitted — NO ELECTRIC FUEL PUMP.

  16. Stock muffler or header permitted.

  17. No flammable oil additives. Oil subject to flame test after feature event.



*** Blanket Hill Speedway Jr Sprint Rules - updated and effective 12/5/23

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