Any questions regarding finish results must be declared prior to conclusion of the event. Otherwise, the results are final.

MyLaps transponders are required for all divisions. Red or yellow MyLaps will work with our system.


No transmitting or listening devices are allowed on the driver or in the car (except the MyLaps transponders). 


No glass containers on the property. 


You must purchase a pit pass/wrist band in order to be in the pit area.  If you are caught without a pit pass, you will be escorted off the property.


No alcohol in the pit area at any time during racing events. You will be asked to leave the property.



Seat belts must be 3" wide, 5 point approved racing harness, no more than 2 yrs. old. Helmet (Snell rating of 2000 or better) and approved full face shield required.  Approved fire suit mandatory; (NOMEX underwear, head sock, two-layer suit is highly recommended).  All single layer fire suits must wear NOMEX underwear.  Arm restraints, “Hans” or similar restraint, and racing gloves and shoes must be worn at all times. 

No neck collars permitted.



Full containment seats are required for all Junior divisions in 2021.  Full containment seats are highly recommended for all other classes.


All haulers must be equipped with a fire extinguisher and a first aid kit.


Driver responsibility:  The driver or legal guardian of youth driver is responsible for the actions of their pit crew. One designated representative for each race team shall e the sole spokesperson for the race team. Only that representative shall take part in any discussions with the track officials, if needed. 


No push starting cars in the pit area. There will be a designated area to push start your car.


All pets must be kept on a leash at all times and are the sole responsibility of the pet owner. We will not be held responsible for any incidents involving personal pets.


You must carry a general liability policy on all push quads, golf carts and Utv’s used in the pit area. We will not be held responsible for any incidents regarding these vehicles. 


Reserved pit parking spots – please keep your parking areas clean.  Thank you.


All minor aged drivers and attendees in the pit area must have a notarized Minor Waiver Form (found on website under forms) on file with the track. 


Covid/Pandemic Waivers (found on website under forms) must be completed for the year and on file with the track. 


Fighting will not be tolerated. Physical altercations: You will be suspended for 2 weeks for the 1st offense and removed for the entire season on the 2nd offense.  No negotiating.  Drivers involved in fighting will lose points for that event.


Fire Suppression Kits are recommended for 2021.  They will be mandatory for all non-bladder cars in 2022.  Please contact Tom Sigley at Cammac Racing Supply for more details regarding Fire Suppression kits. or call 440-567-6667