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270    Micro Sprint Rules

Age requirement: 14 yrs old with a minimum of one year of experience. Exceptions to the age minimum will be considered upon experience at the track and evaluation of practice and race performance. 


Single cylinder 2 cycle 250cc motors with a maximum displacement of 270cc. 


2-stroke 250 cc engines – 16.4754 (or 270cc) or 450cc 4-stroke stock bore & stroke. Carburetors only; 450cc 4-stroke engines may use fuel injection with OEM throttle body modified for use with alcohol.


Minimum weight 600 lbs


A rear fuel cell with bladder is recommended, alcohol and oil mix only, no additives. Must have accessible fuel shut off valve clearly marked.


Wheelbase- 70 inches, maximum – 56 inches, minimum 


Roll cages must be attached to the frame (minimum of six points). Under no circumstances may the helmet of a normally seated driver extend above the roll cage. Roll cages must be high enough that the driver’s helmet, when seated in normal position, is two (2) inches below the roll cage. 


Nerf bars and bumpers: All cars must be equipped with nerf bars throughout the race.

Bars must extend at least to the middle of the tire, but not beyond the outside of the tire.


Firewall: All cars must be equipped with a firewall between the driver and the engine compartment. Minimum thickness specs are: Steel 24 gauge (0.0239 inches), Aluminum 0.050 inches, Fiberglass or plastic 0.095 inches.


The floor pan must come to just rear of the front axle or tie rod to the front edge of the driver’s seat.


Any material used for the purpose of adding weight must be welded or bolted to the car structure. No liquid or loose ballast will be permitted.



Top Wing: Center air foil cannot exceed 12 sq. ft. (1728 sq. in.) of surface area. Surface area is defined by the length x width of the flat plane of the largest projection of the center foil. Top Wing must not extend beyond outside of rear tires or behind the rear bumper. Only two side panels allowed. Maximum of 2” deep side panel, this is the protrusion of the stiffening members not including the struts (tubular or flat bar bracing).


Front wings are optional. 


Seat belts must be 3" wide, 5 point approved racing harness, no more than 2 yrs. old. Helmet and approved full face shield required. Approved fire suit mandatory; (NOMEX underwear, head sock, two-layer suit is highly recommended). Arm restraints, “Hans” or similar restraint, and racing gloves must be worn at all times. No neck collars permitted.

Chain guard mandatory.  Aluminum or Carbon Fiber high-backed racing seat is mandatory.  Full containment seats are recommended but not required for 2021.


MyLaps transponders are mandatory. Mounting location is to be on the right side panel at a distance of 21 inches from the centerline of the front axle to the centerline of the transponder. Recommended height is 6 inches from the ground. If a transponder is not on the car when enters the track for hot laps the team will be notified. If the transponder is on the car, but not working, the car will be hand-scored for that race. The transponder must be repaired/replaced for the next race. 


No radio communication is allowed between driver and crew while the car is on the track. 


270 Wingless Events - Halos are mandatory. Minimum of 3 points (weld in or bolt on). 4 point bolt on is highly recommended.


Fire Suppression Kits are recommended.


Fire extinguisher and first aid kits required in haulers.

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