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BHS Bandits Rules

Ages: 5 years of age to 8 years of age

Please review the General Rules section on the website.

All safety equipment must meet track requirements for helmets, fire suit, shoes, gloves, belts, head and neck restraint etc. (please refer to general rules).  

Driver arm restraints are mandatory.

Head and neck restraint system is mandatory.  Neck collars are not permitted.

5-point racing harness and shoulder harness must be in good condition and approved racing type only. Cannot be older than 2 years.

Seat must fit driver. FULL CONTAINMENT SEAT REQUIRED! Helmet must be at a minimum 4" below cage. Must pass safety inspection as per track rules.  


Car must be a 270 Micro frame chassis and cage.

Roll cage minimum thickness 0.065" of (6) hookups. Must be well gusseted. Minimum 11/4" OD tubing. Complete frame 0.065" minimum 1" tubing may be used if wall thickness is at least 0.083".


A halo is mandatory on all cars - NO Exceptions. Weld on or bolt on is acceptable.

All steering and suspension points that are bolted together must use locking nuts, safety wire or cotter pins. The steering mechanism must be constructed of a minimum 1/2" rods.

The belly pan must extend from the front of the seat to a point beyond the driver's feet.

All cars must be equipped with nerf bars left and right extending to at least the inside of the tire, but not beyond the outside of the tire.

Front and rear bumpers are mandatory.

Brakes will be sufficient strength to slide the wheels in the pits or stop the car while in motion on the track.

No tire rule track.  American racer or Hoosier tires are permitted. 

No wings. Bandits are wingless sprint cars.

Chain guard or body must be constructed to prevent chain from hitting the driver in case of chain failure.

Raceceivers are mandatory. 

Mylaps transponders are optional for Bandits but are required when moving up to Jr Sprints.

Mandatory shut off/ kill switch must be mounted on top of the halo of the car with a minimum of 4-6 inch piece of rubber hose or tubing on the toggle switch in order for track officials to be able to shut the car off at any time.  Staff can assist with this installation during one of the classes if needed.


Box Stock 212 Predator Motor purchased at Harbor Freight - NO RACE Motors

Air Cleaner - Stock

Pump gas only

Stock Muffler

Drum Clutch Only

Please keep in mind this is a learning experience for kids to start developing into a full size race car.  We encourage you to consider every safety component on the car and meet all of our track safety standards. If you are not able to get the mandatory shut off switch installed prior to the mandatory classes, track staff will assist you with this. 

Bandits will not be running for points as this is a learning class. Bandits will be a part of our regular weekly Saturday night events.

***BHS Bandit Rules last updated on 12/6/23.

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