Regular Saturday Night Racing Divisions:

270cc Micro Sprint Winged

270cc JR Micro Sprint Winged

600cc Micro Sprint Wingless

600cc JR Micro Sprint Wingless



YGJS / JR Sprints

 (NOTE: Mod-Lite and Dwarfs will run Separately, NON-combined)


Hot Laps will begin promptly at 6:30pm

Racing Will begin promptly at 7:00pm

Divisional start will rotate weekly

Use of Raceceiver is REQUIRED!

Use of Yellow OR Red MyLAPS transponder is required!

ALL haulers must be equipped with a fire extinguisher and first aid kit!

270cc Micros will be push started by track personnel only.

Top 5 Race finishers must head to scales after the race.

Start of the race will be between the cones in turns 3 and 4 - Driver on the pole will lead the start.

Normal Race Nights will be:

8 Lap Heat Race

25 Lap feature Race

$1000k to Win Nights will be:

8 Lap Heat Race

30 Lap Feature Race

ZERO Tolerance Policy - If you have an issue with a driver or the race, please see track officials - DO NOT confront other drivers. Bad Behavior, Alcohol, Drugs and Glass bottles of any type will be cause for immediate removal from the track.