Track Rules


  • 10 lap heats / 25 lap feature for full classes


  • No more than 8 cars per heat and 22 per feature 


  • Flagger controls all racing.


  • Firing Zone is in the middle of turns 3 & 4 for every start – including heat races.


  • Pole position must start race by the last fire zone line. If they fail to start then the outside front row (2nd) can go.


  • Jumping the start – First offense will invert one spot back, the second offense is the flagger’s decision.


  • Double file restarts until 5 laps to go, then single file restarts.


  • All cars involved in a caution will go to the rear.


  • Any car that comes to a stop to avoid a caution gets their position back.


  • Any car/driver causing 2 cautions in a heat race will be black flagged.


  • Any car/driver causing 3 cautions in a feature race will be black flagged.


  • Rough driving will not be tolerated and the flagger will use discretion regarding any incidents that occur. This may result in a driver being black flagged. 


  • Top 2 in each heat race must weigh in on scales


  • Top 4 in every feature must weigh in on scales

Pit Rules


  • No alcohol or glass bottles are permitted in the pit area during race events.


  • All haulers must be equipped with First Aid Kits and fire extinguishers.


  • All haulers must be parked within the 14 ft parking spot – no exceptions!


  • You must purchase a pit pass/wrist band for the pit area. Anyone caught without a pit pass will be escorted off of the property.


  • NO FIGHTING! Drivers are expected to maintain control of their pit crew. First offense – 2 weeks suspension and loss of points/monies for drivers. Second offense – suspended for remainder of the season and loss of points/monies for drivers.


  • If you have an issue with another race team, please let our staff know. We will discuss the concern with them. Race teams need to remain in their designated pit area for the event.


  • NO EXCESSIVE SPEEDING in the pit area. Remember there are families and children in the pit area.


  • No public entry on the blacktop around the track during events, unless authorized. 


  • Push vehicles and drivers ONLY in the line up area. Line up staff will be enforcing this.


  • All cars must be in the line up area before the conclusion of the previous race. If not, you will start in the back.


  • No parents, family or crew members are permitted on the track during a caution or red flag situation. IF someone is needed a staff member will escort you out. This is to maintain the safety of everyone attending the event and our staff.


  • No push starting cars in the pit area. 


  • Anyone showing aggression towards pit booth or pay out window employees will not get paid and will be banned from the next race event.